news-1-lgMark F. Okey and Mark D. Okey are proud to announce the formation of their new law firm, The Okey Law Offices Co., LPA. The new firm will focus primarily on oil and gas legal matters. The Okeys have represented numerous landowners on issues such as oil and gas leases, pipeline easements, royalty disputes and litigation of the Dormant Minerals Act. The legal issues facing Ohio landowners are constantly changing and their importance grows with each day. The Okeys are committed to helping landowners protect their rights not just for today but for generations to come. Please call and speak with one of the attorneys today.

news-2-lgEastern Ohio is in the midst of an oil and gas boom that has the potential to permanently change the future of our state. With the ability to now produce oil and gas from the Utica Shale in economic quantities, many large oil and gas companies are drilling and exploring throughout Eastern Ohio to find the best areas of production. Although this exploration process is still in the early stages, there have been promising preliminary results from some Utica wells. These indicators have led to companies paying large sums to some landowners to acquire lease rights that were previously worth very little.

The “leasing boom” lasted for over 2 years and resulted in a few larger, unleased landowners becoming instant millionaires. However, not all landowners were so lucky. Many properties were already encumbered by an old lease that prevented a landowner from signing a new one. In either event, the promise of significant sums of money from royalties still provides hope and optimism to an area hit hardest by economic decline and poverty over the last few decades.

The changes that are taking place in the Utica Shale region are not without their problems. Issues related to mineral ownership are being litigated in the courts and could have an impact on landowners and mineral rights owners. Also, some landowners are fighting to free their properties from old leases that may not still be valid. The legal issues related to the new exploration are just beginning to take shape. If you have questions or concerns about your property rights, call and speak with one of our attorneys today. We have the experience and knowledge to help you understand and protect your property interests.